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Havelock, NC

Email: bengalcat@atlanticabengals.com
Welcome to our Bengal Home. We hope you will be as enchanted with these beautiful cats as we are.

We are mesmerized by Bengals. While the exotic spots thrill us with their savage and sensual allure of a leopard, it is the marbles that soothe us with their warm hues of "cinnamello" swirls; rich buttery toffee, caramel, brown sugar and cinnamon, highlighted with a sunlit glitz for perfection.

We are extending our enthusiasm for this breed with a new cattery devoted to the preservation of the Asian Leopard Cat pattern and type in a domesticated feline. Though our cozy cottage close to the sea in Havelock, NC is comfortable for the two of us, a kitten or cat from Atlantica Bengals will be confirmation that good things come from small packages.


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Here at Atlantica Bengals we do not put our support behind products without thoroughly testing them. Our cats have really put our three trees through their paces. These are the sturdiest cat trees that we have seen. High quality materials and expert craftsmanship set these trees above the rest. Click on the picture and see the products that David and Susan of Creationsjust4paws have to offer.

The FireStation from CreationsJust4Paws


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We warmly invite you to follow us as we immerse ourselves into the world of showing and promoting the finest feline we feel has ever come to pass...the Bengal!

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